Best Automatic Car Vent Wireless Charger

Automatic Car Vent Wireless Charger

Firstly we have Simple Fast’s automatic car vent wireless charger. This charger easily lets you mount any phone and charges it at a fast pace. Living upto its name, the charger has a sleek golden body that is going to enhance your car’s overall interior design to a great extent. With its 10W charging capability, expect amazing performance from this product of gold-standard. Furthermore, it even includes an additional USB cable and a vent clip to mount it on your car’s vents.

Xiaomi Mi

If you’re not a fan of wired charging, then Xiaomi brings a Wireless Charger that can be mounted in your car. It features a stable and strong grip that works best during a bumpy ride. So, you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off or getting loose after every road bump. Moreover, the wireless charger has an innovative heat-resistant design that prevents any mishaps from taking place after tough use. What we loved the most about this wireless charger is its attractive display. The black body shows a sleek blue circle light that makes you want to immediately mount your phone! Simply put your phone on the wireless charger and watch it do its magic.

Universal Car Dual USB Charger

This universal car USB charger features two USB ports able to charge two devices at once. Although it does not mount the phone with it, it does detect the voltage of the car, which makes it easier to determine the estimated charging time. The charger also features a bright blue ring that makes the USB port visible. So, you won’t have to turn the light of your car on to see which side of the cable goes in. Overall, this 5V charger is great for daily life use!


Being able to drive while using your phone as it charges is made easier through the above-mentioned wireless chargers. These products are designed to make your life easy. All of them come with extraordinary features that will provide you full satisfaction. If you’re on the hunt for quality electronics, be sure to visit techs4living. From smartphone accessories to computer gadgets, they have it all!

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